Thursday, July 10, 2014

Korean Hypnotist

Young Hypnotists Network 
"Super Hypnosis Training" 

Hell ya? 
= Is a 7 different types of hypnosis training with the atmosphere of 75% practical and 25% theory. 
-hypnosis entertainment (stage) 
-hipnoselling (sales) 

Korean-Hypnotism (in Indonesia) 

What advantage I can after taking this training? 
1) You will be able to hypnotize like UYA kuya, ferdians, became a stage hypnotist with millions of dollars of income 
2) You will be able menterapi self / other org eliminate phobias, mental blocks etc, become a hypnotherapist with millions of dollars of income 
3) You will be taught techniques affect other org (org parents, children, friends, co-workers, customers, boyfriend, etc.) 
  4) You will be taught first in Indonesian Korean Hypnotism (technique Hypnosis Secrets of Korea) 

* Bonus Material 
1) Hypnotic Eyes Medusa-style Father God (the folk you will face stiff eyes) 
2) the science of NLP Techniques 
3) Bonus Ebook hypnosis and NLP for Tens Million 
4) Technique EFT 
# Degree Certificate Hypnosis 
CH and CHT 

Is guaranteed to be? 
= The alumni have a lot which proves that in less than one day you direct CAN 
For alumni and activities PROOF: 

Okay my interest, when and where? 
= Week 24 August at 9-5pm at Hotel Earth Wiyata Depok Margonda 

BRP HTM? The normal price of Rp 2,000,000 
                                                      SPECIAL DISCOUNT ONLY U.S. $ 1 million only until August 10 
payment / info hubs: irwin 740fb777/085715121389

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